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Inaugural Obama and “Hope” Obama Action Figures by Jailbreak Toys

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As the U.S. Presidential Inauguration approaches (Jan 20th), two new limited edition Obama Action Figures [WHAT] will be sold exclusively at The INAUGURAL OBAMA (Gold-suit w/ Red-tie as designed by J*Rock) and HOPE OBAMA (designed by Nelson Asencio – as a tribute to Shepard Fairey’s campaign poster-image) will go on sale from January 12th – limited to 3,000 pcs per design. Each figure stand 6″ figures tall with eight points of articulation, as well as being numbered and packaged in an illustrated window box. CLICK THRU for Press Release.

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Paul Frank – Husa de iPhone 3G

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Always a fan of the monkey. Made from silicone with cutouts that provide access to all touch controls, dock connector, camera, speakerphone, and microphone.

20 $ (~70 lei) la Apple Store

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Shoot the Baddies

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Shoot the new baddies, includes Vader, Terminator, Zombie, Freddie, Invader, Magatron, Gojira, Smith, Goomba! I love it, Coool!

13$ de pe Amazon

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